The Portuguese Venice.

A City famous for its Salinas

Aveiro captures the essence of a destination we would expect to see in a travel book, with its gondola-like moliceiros, natural lagoons, elegant 19th century architecture and cobblestone walkways - it is a special place where the old meets the modern.

Aveiro is a destination as a unique essence. Our Portuguese Venice invites you to embark on a moliceiro and discover the canals of the beautiful Ria de Aveiro, while delighting with ovos-moles. Here you will find a charming setting with a long sandy coastline, a beautiful estuary and various parks and gardens.
Be enchanted by the white-washed, brightly colored wooden houses on Costa Nova and see the majestic Farol da Barra, the highest in Portugal. You cannot resist the famous Ovos Moles too.

A tour not to be missed!


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